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Our House Maki

Crispy Truffle Salmon

Crispy Truffle Salmon

Spicy salmon, truffle oil, crispy rice, black masago, edible gold flake. Fantasy Maki

Fantasy Maki

Seared tuna, cooked tuna, avo, tobiko, black masago, sesame seeds, Jalapeño. Mango Tempura Roll

Mango Tempura Roll

Tempura prawn, mango, avo, cucumber, tobiko, mayo, sesame seeds, ichimi. Crazy Eel Roll

Crazy Eel Roll

Grilled eel, tamago, cucumber, avo, mayo and eel sauce. Creamy Salmon Roll

Creamy Salmon Roll

Salmon, avo, creamy cheese, tobiko and mayonnaise. Vegetarian Futomaki

Vegetarian Futomaki

Tempura asparagus, pickle, cucumber, crunch, inari, sesame seeds, deep fried onion. Aburi Salmon Oshi

Aburi Salmon Oshi

Seared salmon, avo, mayo and eel sauce in Osaka style. Teriyaki Flame

Teriyaki Flame

Deep fried seaweed, creamy cheese,  cucumber, truffle paste, seared salmon.

Our Story

Rice & Nori offers a variety types of unique sushi rolls, which are dedicatedly created by our sushi team, and the menu is based on the Japanese philosophy of using natural seasonal flavour and utilising the freshest possible ingredients. We also provide the opportunity for customers to create their own sushi rolls by choosing fillings, see the whole process of how sushi chefs make sushi rolls and cut the fish, which would bring visual enjoyment for customers.

We commit to use the freshest ingredients to make healthy and delicious sushi to our customers, change the way they feel about the traditional takeaway sushi shop and upgrade to a new level of enjoying fast food.


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